THIS IS 2020: Anxiety, Covid and Racism - E001

This Is 2020: Anxiety, COVID, and Racism with Dia Darling

It's been one hell of a year, hasn't it?  Anxiety, COVID, and racism have seized the world. We started out with the COVID pandemic. That's enough to cause anxiety in many people, whether they deal with the diagnosed mental illness daily or not. Then we moved on to blatant racism taking place in front of our eyes as the result of police brutality and shootings of African American men and women.

With the American elections just around the corner, we now can't help but recognize the importance of the monumental civil rights movements that build, resist, and scream for change. On this episode, we interview the amazing Dia Darling, founder of All The Things I Do. In this very first episode of What We're Not Talking About, I sit down with my friend and former industry expert/colleague to talk about the uncomfortable: racism.

Listen in today as we talk about how anxiety impacts us in this uncertain time and how we can manage it, how COVID is affecting mental health, and how we can all team up to fight against institutionalized racism.



> What it looks like to manage your mental health during the COVID 19 pandemic (04:52)

> What it's like to be a black woman living in Texas during a time of anxiety, covid and racism and we can do to fight the institutionalized racism in our society (09:48)

> Dia's thoughts and feelings on the people getting called out for their poor behaviour in the coaching industry and other industry via social media (15:16)

> How powerful the simple exercise of crying can be when you're dealing with anxiety (24:50)