Practical Tips for Mental Health, Isolation and Working From Home in 2020 - E007

It's that time of the pandemic again, folx, and this time I want to share with your some practical tips for mental health. It's time to (continue) working from home. Summer is over for the Northern Hemisphere, and Covid-19 is back with a vengeance. On today's episode, I sit down with Silvia Pinho, work at home expert. She shares simple and actionable ways to attempt to keep organized amongst the chaos that is 2020.


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Practical Tips for Mental Health


> How having a structure through your day will help you be on track when working from home (06:34)

> Why finding the sweet spot on structuring your day and the amounts of tasks you can take on every day is something that you get to decide so you don't end up overwhelmed (10:17)

> Entrepreneurship is a deep dive into self-development (14:39)

> How to find what daily routine works for you so you can work more efficiently and stay sane (22:09)

> Practical tips to fight imposter syndrome while working from home, Silvia's approach for trusting yourself (30:33)