How To Turn a Shitty Day Around (It's Not What You Think) - E008

Have you ever had a bad day? Positivity and mindset are important. Life happens though and those shitty days will come your way without asking about it. But there is a way to move through that. So you might ask yourself how do you move through the day when shitty things happen to you?

My best advice is to feel the emotions and not try to avoid them.

Go ahead and listen to this episode so you can have the whole plan of how to deal with a bad day. Got questions? Dm me on Instagram and ask away!


> How I approach positive thinking (01:48)

> How my day is and how I deal with bad days (03:50)

> The day sucks but how do you move forward? (05:09)

> Follow through this exercise - ask why 5 times (08:55)

> We have to know what we aren't in order to know what we are - The importance of letting yourself feel the emotions (11:02)