Spoiler Alert: No One Is Coming To Save You w/ Amy D. - E010

Spoiler alert: No one is coming to save you.

Have you grown in a world of Disney like me? If so you might have thought at some point that there's a hero out there for you that is coming to save you when days become tough, didn't you?

Honestly, I did too. The truth is, there isn't. The hero you've been waiting for is yourself! On this episode, I talk about how to take your life into your hands and how you can stop waiting for someone to save you when life gets in your way or things don't go as you planned.

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> How our beliefs impact our physical and mental health (02:24)

> My journey with being depressed and waiting for someone to come and save me (03:57)

> No one is coming to save you, how this works? (06:05)

> What you can do if you still waiting for someone to save you (07:52)

> Exercise for getting unstuck from waiting from someone else and trusting yourself (10:15)