An Unconscious Cry for Help with Amy D. - E014

Much of the hate in the world can be traced back to one thing: an unconscious cry for help.

I was robbed and let me tell you, a regular day can be turned into an interesting day when you get robbed.

On this episode, I'm talking about how I was robbed, what this experience taught me, and what are some of the questions I asked myself after that. So if you're interested in learning how to shift your thought process when you experience a robbery, this episode is for you my friend!

After all, everything is a lesson learned, isn't it?

Go ahead and listen to this episode and then message me with your biggest takeaway. Got questions? DM me on Instagram and ask away!


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> How I was robbed - the story (01:45)

> How the robber was get caught (04:04)

> Lesson Learned from this experience (05:16)

> Thoughts after experiencing a robbery - Questions I asked myself (07:00)

> How do we help those people that can't help themselves? (07:30)