What To Do When You Are HELLA Triggered with Amy D. - E016


I have a question for you. What do you do when you're triggered? Do you know what to do when you are hella triggered?

On today's episode, we're going to talk about triggers, what this experience taught me, and what I did to move forward. We'll take a look at a trigger I had, and how this relates to mental health. We will also talk about how a trigger can relate to mental health illnesses and how our belief systems impact the way we take care of ourselves.


So if you're interested in learning how a trigger can be related to your mental health and what to do, this episode is for you my friend!


Go ahead and listen to this episode and then message me with your biggest takeaway! I would love to know what do you do when you're triggered. Got questions? DM me on Instagram and ask away!



> How I usually get triggered - let's talk about it, here's an example (01:30)

> Being self-aware of where you are at is the key to move into the next step - How it feels to be stuck from a personal experience (10:35)

> Beneath depression and all of the mental health struggles, there's a belief system that doesn't have to do with our mental health. How those belief systems impact the way we take care of ourselves? (15:10)

> A message for all of you, that dealing with mental health struggles and illnesses (21:30)