Growing up with Depression and Social Anxiety with Tyler Simmonds - E017

Depression and social anxiety are hard to manage. Growing up is hard as well. If you put them together, it makes it that much more difficult.

Today's episode with Tyler Simmonds is all about navigating the mental health space and growing up with anxiety and depression. We share our experiences about managing our mental health, and why it's so important to remember who you truly are. So if you've been dealing with mental health as a teenager or as a young adult then this episode is for you my friend!

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depression and anxiety


> Tyler's childhood and why he decided to become a mental health advocate within the Nova Scotia community (02:09)

> How I can relate to Tyler's story and how my childhood looked like in relation to anxiety and depression (09:50)

> What the phrase "I feel like I'm losing myself" means for Tyler? (19:50)

> How Tyler started to change his mindset and the way he was looking at the world with a new perspective (24:50)

> How important is spirituality to managing your mental health (30:15)