Who Do You Want To Be? with Amy D. - E018

Have you been asking yourself this question? Who Do I Want to Be?

I know I did, for a long time. The purpose of today's episode is to remind you of one small, yet, important thing. You get to choose who you want to be!

Remember: You don't need to be that person that has anxiety, you don't need to be that person that can't get out of bed. Today you get to choose who you are.

So if you're still struggling to decide who you are or who you want to become, I challenge you to listen to this episode during these moments of doubt, or when you feel anxious so you can remind yourself that there's a choice and it's yours! Go ahead and listen to this episode and then message me on Instagram in case this is a subject you want to talk about!


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> Who Do I want to be? The question I kept asking myself for a long time (00:48)

> What's the purpose of this podcast episode? (02:10)