Creating a Stress Management Plan for Surviving the Holiday Season with Ellia Marcum - E019

Surviving the holiday season is hard. Dealing with stress in the family over the holiday season is real and I don't know about you but I would love to have some tips for creating an effective mental health management plan and making a toxic family survival guide for the holidays.

On today's episode Ellia Marcum, Mental health and Life Crisis Coach is going to share her plan of attack when it comes to surviving the holidays and managing your mental health and well-being in a proactive way. So if you're interested in getting into the holiday season with a plan so you can reduce stress, then this episode is for you my friend!

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> Ellia's background and why she decided to start helping others overcome their mental health struggles (03:10)

> How to create an effective mental health management plan and toxic family survival guide for the holidays - Step 1: Create your holiday mission statement (05:57)

> Step 2: Write down a list of people you can count on and make sure you schedule ahead of time with those (this might be your coach or therapist or a support group) (08:46)

> Step 3: Make sure you keep up with vitamins and medication (11:24)

> Step 4: Focusing on giving (14:04)

> Step 5: Don't forget to Add "quiet time" to your schedule (15:47)

> Step 6: Adjust your expectations of yourself and your family members during the holiday season (17:40)

> Step 7: Set healthy boundaries with your family members (19:18)

> Step 8: Ask for help (20:31)