How to Set Boundaries With Your Family This Christmas with Amy D. - E020

Do you know how to set boundaries during Christmastime? Dealing with holidays is different for everyone. For some of you might be a great experience and for others might be a struggle. I've come to realize that Christmas is a holiday I don't particularly love.

On today's episode, I share what're the reasons Christmas is not my favorite holiday, how I set boundaries to make it through this period without putting pressure on myself and how you can do it for yourself.

So If you're someone that believes Christmas is a struggle for you and you're looking for a healthy way to set boundaries with your family over the holiday season, this episode is for you!

Stay tune in, give it a listen and then message me with your biggest takeaway!  Go ahead and listen to this episode and then message me on Instagram in case this is a subject you want to talk about!



> Why I find the Christmas holiday to be miserable and how I keep my sanity during holiday time (00:30)

> Healthy ways to create boundaries with your family (07:19)

> Putting your well-being of yourself or your children's ahead is one of the most healthiest things you can do, and sets an amazing example for your children (09:31)

> Why it's crucial to practice saying No and what happens when you don't (11:27)

> Having a list of coping mechanisms that you can implement is so important (13:40)