The Gold Star Family Experience of Overcoming Death and Trauma with Jen Amos - E021

Overcoming death and trauma isn't easy.

Experiencing trauma as a family is something that can bond or break the family unit in so many instances.

On today's episode we talk about losing a family member and provide you with some resources and tools for dealing with it so you can have the help you might be looking for.

This episode focuses on being a military family that experiences trauma and the impact that has on the family unit. Jen shares the story of losing her father, the choices she had to make in order to move forward, and how her passion for helping military families transition into civilian life has born.

So if you're interested in learning how to process trauma or transitioning from the military to being a civilian, then this episode is for you my friend!

Go ahead and take a listen to this episode and then message me on Instagram with your biggest takeaway!



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overcoming death and trauma


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> Jen's story about losing her dad, becoming a Gold Star Family and her passion for helping military families with mental health (01:10)

> What Jen did to protect her young sister from abusive behaviors within their family and relatives (10:00)

> What may has happened to Jen's father and what they find out after his death (17:00)

> How a military life can look like from a mental health as well as financial perceptive and how Jen and her husband help military families to transition into the civilian life (22:42)

> Jen's words of advice and actionable steps on how to move forward in this time of uncertainty (31:19)