Want to Calm TF Down? Introducing the 7/11 Breathing Exercise with Amy D. - E022

Welcome to a slightly different episode of the What We're NOT Talking About Podcast. On today's episode, we're going to do a variation of the 7/11 breathing technique that will help you come down or feel a little better during anxious times.

This episode is to encourage all of you, non-believers out there about sitting down and actually attempting to do this exercise, at least trying to. I wanted to provide you with one tool for your toolbox so you can use it when you're nervous about something, or feeling anxious or just want to come down.

I encourage you to do something that's slightly uncomfortable and see the benefits of doing this exercise. If you're ready to take action on managing your mental health let's do it together! Go ahead and take a listen, follow along with me and then message me in case you have any questions about this breathing exercise.


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Music during the exercise by https://www.ashamaluevmusic.com


> What The 7/11 breathing technique is, how we're going to do it and why breathing is so important (02:10)

> Instructions before the exercise starts (06:20)

> The exercise step by step (08:50)