The Mental Health Benefits of Boxing with Cleveland Hughes - E025

The mental health benefits of boxing are incredible.

Welcome to another episode of the What We're NOT Talking about podcast. This episode focuses on the healing through boxing, how you can get started, and why exercising is crucial to managing your anxiety or depression.

Today's guest is Cleveland Hughes, founder of Healing Mitts International Boxing Training System, and he's here to help us understand how he got started with Boxing from a place of anxiety and how he was able to recover through this. Cleveland also is going to tell us how you can get started with Boxing or any other workout activity, why overthinking is the biggest obstacle to any new decision you might need to make, and how to stop doing it.
So if you're coming from a place of stress, anxiety and want to take action, then this episode is for you my friend! Go ahead and take a listen and then message me with your biggest takeaway. If you're interested in getting started with Boxing so you can heal and manage your mental health you're in the right place.




> His Website: Healing Mitts

> Facebook: @Healing Mitts Boxing

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Cleveland's Website:




> Cleveland's mental health background and his passion for his work at Healing Mitts International Boxing (03:53)

> How Boxing is actually for everyone and what're some mental health benefits of doing it (05:43)

> How Boxing can help you manage your anxiety. Cleveland shares his experience and how it helped him (09:03)

> What's the first reason people want to start Boxing for and what are some of the principles of Cleveland's training system (15:43)

> Tips for getting started with Boxing and stop overthinking over new decisions you might wanna make (19:00)