3 Things I'm Focusing On in 2021 with Amy D. - E026

I have 3 things I'm focusing on in 2021.

2021 is coming and you're probably ready to set new goals, set up yourself for success, and erase the craziness that 2020 brought with it. I'm with you on this! That's why I decided to record this episode, for all of you that you might be getting into the rabbit hole of setting up a million goals that gives you anxiety because they're not realistic.

On today's episode I'm going to share my 3 big themes I'm focusing on in 2021 and I'll explain what I did the last couple of years as well as why you need to focus on less than 4 things for the new year. So if you want to stick to your habits and be consistent with them by using a simple, yet effective plan of setting 3 big goals for next year, then you don't wanna miss this episode. Let's set some realistic goals that are doable and gets us excited.

Go ahead and take a listen to this episode. Then message me on Instagram with your biggest takeaway!



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> The 3 main goals I'm focusing on this year (00:30)

> Number 1: Consistency Is King right? (00:31)

> Number 2: Self-acceptance (01:38)

> Number 3: Confrontation / Communication (05:44)

> How I stopped run away from my problems and learned how to deal with anxiety (06:50)