Covid-19: The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back with Colin Thompson - E027

COVID-19: Did it break the camels back?

Welcome to the first episode of 2021 for the What We're NOT Talking About podcast. The first guest of the year is Colin Thompson, a life coach who shares his experience living in China during the outbreak of Covid-19 and its impact on our mental health. In this episode, we talk about the pandemic that caused so many deaths during 2020 and how we can get it under control in our own lives. He also shares practical exercises that he uses with his coaching clients for coping with anxiety during this time of uncertainty.

If you're evaluating last year and trying to figure out ways for coping with stress, then I encourage you to take a listen.



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> Colin's backstory of moving to China and being in there when the outbreak of Covid-19 hit (04:05)

> How Covid- affected the relationships between people and why divorces have been increased (12:55)

> Colin shares his experience as a black man being in China during Covid-19 and how this might look like (24:48)

> How Colin used the Covid situation to help people through Covid-Coaching along with other coaches from all over the world. They produced 30 videos in 30 days to help people get through this uncertain situation (29:00)

> An exercise from Colin that will help you move forward and accept the new normal (35:30)