How to Help a Partner Who Suffers from Anxiety with Amy D. - E028

Have you ever Googled, "how to help a partner who is suffering from anxiety?" If you have, this podcast is for you.

On this episode of the What We're NOT Talking About podcast, I'm going to answer a question I get asked a lot. "How do I help my partner who's suffering from anxiety?" A lot of us usually get stuck to what anxiety is instead of what's the way to help the person who's going through it. The purpose of this episode is to give you some insights as well as the foundational tools so you can help your partner in a way that is supportive and not stressful. This way they'll know that you're there for them.

So if you have a partner that's anxious or gets anxiety attacks and wondering what you could do to help, then this episode is for you my friend. Go ahead and take a listen and then let's talk about it. You can send me a message on Instagram and ask any questions you might have about it.


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> The first and most important thing to help your partner with anxiety is pretty simple and straightforward. It's to ask in advance how you can help. (01:05)

> How anxiety looks like and what you can do to support the person who has an anxiety attack or something similar. (03:41)

> The next step is to be patient. Healing from anxiety takes time and it's different for everyone so patience for your partner is integral for this process. (05:34)

> Communication has a huge role in supporting your partner through anxiety. The next step is to communicate with them. (06:08)

> What is the most common anxiety trigger for me and why patience is crucial in this process. (07:35)