What it's Like to Escape a Cult with Jessie Shedden - E029

It's not easy to escape a cult.

Welcome to another episode of the What We're NOT Talking about podcast. Today I have with me Jessie Shedden, a British- Australian chicken-loving, cult-escaping badass woman, who has become an inspirational author, and consultant. She has been featured on the BBC, Channel 4, and she's the author of Tomorrow's Not Promised.

She shares her experience and the healing process of what it takes to overcome escaping a cult, how she defines unconditional love, and how we can learn not to be judgemental and try loving unconditionally. We also talk about the pressure our parents have put on us, even though they believed it might be based in a protective and loving environment, as well as the challenges Jessie has faced in order to live the life she knew she deserved.

So if you're interested in learning how loving unconditionally can change your life and perspective, go ahead and listen to this episode and then message me with your biggest takeaway.



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jessie shedden what its like to ecsape in a cult



> How Jessie's childhood looked like (03:00)

> The relationship with her mother and how the life looked like when she was alive (09:57)

> How's Jessie's relationship with faith and how spirituality fits into this (23:00)

> There's a lot of judgment in human society. How Judgement can relate to respect and unconditional love (25:10)

> What's something that Jessie, living in a cult, views as something that she can take forward into her cult-free life (34:31)