3 Decades, 3 Lessons with Amy D. - E030

On this episode of the What We're NOT talking about podcast I'm going to share 3 lessons I've learned in the 3 decades of my life. For those of you who might be wondering why I share this episode now, I've got some news for you. My birthday is coming on this Sunday and because I'm turning 31, I thought it would be great to share 3 simple and short lessons that I've learned in my lifetime. If these lessons get to help one of you, then the goal of this episode has been achieved.

So if you're curious to know what're these lessons, then this episode is for you my friend. Go ahead and take a listen to this episode, and then we can share some wisdom tips. You can connect with me by sending a message on Instagram and ask any questions you might have or to send me your biggest lesson learned over the years.



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> The first lesson that I've learned over the first decade of my life is that your nervous system is the key to a healthy life, mentally and physically wellbeing (01:25)

> The second lesson I want to share with you and this a big one, is that your past does not determine your future but it does help determine your behavior (02:18)

> Last but not least, be mindful, try to be present in the current moment instead of getting distracted. Try to enjoy the beauty of living in the moment(05:10)