The Benefits of Hypnosis: An Option for Coping with Anxiety other Mental Health Struggles with Doug Sands - E031

In this episode, I talk with Doug Sands about the benefits of hypnosis. Doug is a hypnotist, Buddhist meditator, and mental health warrior who helps people worldwide manage their symptoms using hypnosis and meditation.

We talk about the benefits of hypnosis and how Doug uses it to help him through his mental health journey.

Doug shares what hypnosis is,  how it relates to meditation, and how you can get started. He also shares some of the techniques he uses with his clients to manage their anxiety and how the spiritual life has impacted his road to recovery and mental health management.  The best part is that techniques you can do them anywhere, and you can start practicing today!

So if you're interested in learning more about how hypnosis can help you manage your anxiety and depression, go ahead and listen to this episode and then message me with your biggest takeaway.



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> Doug shares his story, what're the reasons he decided to become a mental health educator, and how it looked like when he lost his mother because of depression (01:30)

> Why and how growing up in a Christian family has impacted who Doug has become now (08:50)

> How discovering meditation and Buddhism has helped him start the healing of his mental illness (13:19)

> How he got started with Hypnosis and how he's helping people manage their mental health struggles (26:25)

> What're some of the techniques and tools Doug uses with his clients that will help you manage your anxiety (33:05)