Psychedelics for Mental Illness - Is This the Future of Treatment? with Devon Phillips

Could we use psychedelics for mental illness treatment?

With the micro-dosing burst in silicon valley in 2017, micro-dosing psilocybin and LSD have become quite a hot topic for productivity. Recently, these drugs are being studied to see if they can help in the long term effects of mental illness. Devon Phillips and I talk today about our own experiences with micro dosing and the use of psychedelics for mental illness. This episode does not blatantly advocate for the use of psychedelics but positions it on a case by case basis. There are many steps to take before some people are ready to explore the realm of psychedelics. It's integral that you are ready for the experiences. These substances remain illegal in most countries, and this episode does not advocate, promote or encourage the use of any illegal substances.



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psychedelics for mental illness


> Who's Devon Phillips and why he wanted to pioneer the use of Psychedelics for Mental Illnesses (03:40)

> How Psychedelics can help as a form of medication for mental illnesses (18:00)

> Devon shares how LSD works in our body based on research (38:10)

> How was Amy's experience with trying LSD and what're the benefits into her mental health (42:10)

> Important things to keep in mind before you try Psychedelics and why it's important to educate yourself if you thinking of using them (50:00)

> What's the first thing you should do before trying any form of Psychedelics (01:01:51)