Teaching in Today's Confusing World: Teacher Trauma, the Pandemic and Becoming Resilient with Lindsey Acton - E035

Have you thought about teacher trauma during this pandemic?

Nobody likes to talk about how little teachers are paid or how hard it is to work with different students and learners. We don't want to talk about how education keeps experiencing budget cuts, reversing policy to include outdated education and thinking ways. Nobody wants to talk about teachers' trauma and how teachers leave the workforce at an alarming rate. And most importantly, nobody wants to talk about how teachers are forced to work as teachers, nurses, janitors, counsellors, friends, etc., to dozens of students and are given zero support of their own. No, we definitely do not want to talk about that.

In today's episode, teacher Lindsey Acton shares her experience in the teaching world and the events that inspired her to write her book. Having experienced a traumatic event with a student in her first year of teaching, Lindsey's teaching career has been indicative of what she believes is a universal teaching experience. We talk about hard-to-handle students, mental illness, self-care, therapy, and so much more.



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> Lindsey's story and background in education (01:40)

> What's different from a teacher perspective to teaching when you have to enforce and follow the Covid protection rules (10:10)

> How teachers and parents can connect with kids during the new normal (16:50)

> What's the traumatic event that prompted Lindsey to write the book about Teachers trauma (28:45)

> What the book is about and what it covers (33:45)