An Interview with Former Chief of Police about Trauma and Mental Health - Dr Scott Silverii

TW: Trauma and Mental Health// Murder//Mental Illness//Abuse//Law Enforcement// Minority Abuse (There are some very shocking stories in this episode - please beware)

In this episode of What We're Not Talking About, I sit down with Scott Silverii and talk about trauma and mental health and how it affects the police force. In this open and honest conversation, we speak on the race war and what he experienced as Chief of Police. Scott has dedicated his life to helping men overcome the trauma and mental health issues he has witnessed in his commanding officers. He talks about his organization and what he has done to help normalize trauma and mental health in the police force.

Real Talk: This episode is honestly the most challenging episode I have ever recorded. There are some stories in this episode that made me feel like I was going to vomit. Listen with care.



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scott silverii trauma and mental health



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> Dr. Scott's story about how he grows up and what led him to start his career in law enforcement (04:40)

> Dr. Scott shares his opinion of what's the purpose of law enforcement (14:10)

> Do police officers have access to mental health support services? (21:44)

> What was the most disturbing case that Dr.Scott came across during his work as a Chief of Police? (24:35)

> Dr.Scott shares his goals and how he tried to make a difference in changing the culture during his career (32:10)

> How he decided to leave the police force, and what led him to make this decision? (37:43)

> Dr.Scott shares the abusive experience he had from his teacher when he was 12 years old (44:00)

> How you can learn to act from a place of love and forgiveness. Why is forgiveness important to your overall mental health? (50:45)