E041: My Deep Dark Secret, I'm a Binge Eater with Amy

My deep, dark secret? I binge eat.

Binge eating is a topic that more and more individuals - and influencers - are talking about.  Personally, I have struggled with being a binge eater for quite some time - a stress relief tactic taught to me by my father. Unknowingly - of course. During this episode, I share my experience with disordered eating and what the beginning of my healing process has looked like. I share in this episode only one experience, and in my following episode, I share another.


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> Announcement Alert (00:35)

> How I got started Binge eating and my family's background around this (02:00)

> What happens with Binge Eating and how it look like? An example of how it works (06:00)

> How it affects you to grow up in a family of Binge Eaters (16:00)

> How are you going to move through this? (19:53)