One Woman's Journey to Overcoming Long Term Disordered Eating with Robin Clare

Many individuals have lived experience or know someone who has lived experience with disordered eating at some point in their life. Disordered eating comes in many forms, such as addiction to the gym, purging, eating too few calories, and binge eating.

In this episode, Robin Clare shares her personal experience with her disordered eating and how it has affected her life. She also explains how she harnessed her inner power to overcome her fear with food and self-confidence and how she manages it daily. Robin also shares insight into what has helped her and her healing plan and offers advice on how to over disordered eating.



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> Who is Robin Clare and how she decided to write a book (02:10)

> What does suffering mean? And how you can use it to start healing from any addiction (06:05)

> How Suffering could look like. Robin shares her experience and what you can do to deal with it (15:19)

> What has been the biggest struggle for Robin since started healing her addiction? (21:14)

> The importance of keep working on your eating disorder or any addiction on a daily basis and what's a question you can ask yourself to overcome emotional eating (23:30)