The Benefits of Including Intentional Play Into Your Schedule with Jeffrey Harry

As a child, all I wanted to be was grown up. As a child, I experienced a lot of anxiety. It controlled my life and led me to feel hopeless and like a completely different type of kid than those around me. Unfortunately, during most of my childhood, play was something absent in my life. That is why, as an adult, I am doing everything in my power to include intentional play into my schedule. If this sounds weird to you, then please, please, PLEASE listen to this episode.

Jeff Harry is an expert at intentional play, and he builds a pretty solid case of why you need to include it in YOUR life. Once you listen to the episode, drop me a line on Instagram @amy.demone and let me know how you’ve incorporated intentional play into your life!


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> Jeffrey's background story and how he became a positive psychology play speaker (01:35)

> What is Intentional Play and who is it for? (05:28)

> What's happening in your brain when you play and feel joy? (08:00)

> How you can add intentional play into your day-to-day life and increase your creativity? (09:55)

> An exercise you can use right now so you can get started with intentional playing (15:17)