Why People Cheat: Stress, Overwhelm and Low Self Esteem with Zach Mathers

Have you ever wondered the real reason why people cheat? On today’s episode, Zach Mathers shares his honest, open, and raw experience of cheating on his partner and how the two of them successfully navigated the betrayal together.

Rebuilding is hard, and sometimes facing the underlying feelings of what drives someone to cheat can be even harder. Zach shares his stories with others with hopes that they too can learn more about the real reason people cheat and what to do to get the help you need to heal.

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> Who is Zach Mathers? He shares his story with alcohol addiction and how this experience became the reason he got started with recovery coaching (02:00)

> Is forgiving the person who cheated on you a weakness or a strength? (10:30)

> What's the first step to let go of addiction and move forward (22:30)

> Zach shares his struggles and what are the steps he had to make to move forward (26:30)

> Zach gives his tips on how to shift your mindset and train yourself to change (30:30)