Surrendering to Love and Death with Larry Indiviglia

Fear is a funny thing. It keeps up from surrendering to love and death. It prevents us from experiencing the rich vastness of the human experience. It prevents us from feeling both the good and the bad, and avoiding it helps us think in more control. But sometimes, we have to let go.

In this episode of What We’re Not Talking about, Larry Indiviglia shares his beautiful and heartwarming story of falling in love with his late wife Gayle and how he let go of fear in the face of death.

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> Who is Larry and what his story is about in relation to Love and Death (02:08)

> Larry shares his story about finding love and explains how he found the courage to stand for this love until the end, even if he knew that didn't have enough time (08:22)

> Larry shares what was the biggest challenge he faced while living with Gayle who had a four-stage cancer (12:30)

> How Larry supported and helped Gayle into her last moments (16:13)

> Larry shares what was the most integral lesson from the relationship he had with Gayle (20:15)